Towards a World Bank Private Sector Development Strategy that Puts People and Planet before Profit

  • April 13, 2022
    10:0011:30 am ET


Last year, the World Bank announced the discontinuation of the Doing Business Report, which encapsulated its vision of private sector development. This session will examine the harmful legacy of the DBR, including the inconsistency with the WB’s mandate, and how these risks being replicated in the Business Enabling Environment project. It will also discuss an alternative vision of private sector development that supports poverty reduction and economic diversification, and properly values people and the planet. It will identify the steps that states can take to build an ‘enabling business environment’ consistent with such a vision and the implications for the WB’s work.

  • Moderator: Luiz Vieira, Chair, Bretton Woods Project
  • Panelist 1: Amanda Janoo, Economics and Policy Lead, Wellbeing Economy Alliance
  • Panelist 2: Alejandra Scarpini, PODER
  • Panelist 3: Chris Roberts, Canadian Labor Congress
  • Panelist 4: Norman Loayza, Director of the Global Indicators Group, World Bank