A New Era of Accountability in Development: Realizing the Right to Remedy for Affected People

  • April 12, 2022
    8:009:30 am ET


The World Bank Group has long focused on safeguards to avoid harm from development projects, but now there is more attention to the need for mechanisms to ensure remediation when harms do occur. This session will discuss what an effective remedy framework would look like, informed by the experiences of affected communities.

  • Moderator: Jolie Schwarz, Senior Policy Advisor, Development Finance, Oxfam
  • Panelist 1: Mac Darrow, UN Representative, OHCHR
  • Panelist 2: David Pred, Executive Director, Inclusive Development International
  • Panelist 3: Stephanie Amoako, Senior Policy Associate, Accountability Counsel
  • Panelist 4: Piotr Mazurkiewicz, Lead FI Risk Officer, Environmental & Social Policy and Risk, International Finance Corporation