The IMF Gender Strategy: Making the Economy Work for Women?

  • April 13, 2022
    8:009:30 am ET


Leveraging new research, on-the-ground testimony, and diverse expertise, this panel will critically explore if the IMF’s new Gender Strategy can challenge the IMF’s traditional macroeconomic paradigm of debt and austerity to instead promote policies that support a gender-just recovery to build an economy that works for women and all genders.

  • Moderator: Emma Burgisser, Economic Justice Lead, Christian Aid
  • Panelist 1: Bhumika Muchhala, Senior Advisor on Global Economic Governance, Third World Network
  • Panelist 2: Mariama Williams, Director, Institute of Law and Economics, Jamaica
  • Panelist 3: Ratna Sahay, Senior Gender Advisor, IMF
  • Panelist 4: Jessica Mandanda, Young Urban Activist, Malawi