FY25 Appropriations for the IFIs

    From the President's FY25 Budget Request

    "The President’s FY 2025 Budget (the Budget) requests $2.5 billion for the Department of the Treasury’s International Programs. Our programs bolster American leadership in the international financial institutions (IFIs). The resources requested will support developing countries as they tackle myriad challenges from food insecurity to inadequate infrastructure and establish paths to sustainable economic growth and job creation that are resilient to shocks. A thriving global economy increases opportunities for the American people by opening new markets for U.S. exports and investment that will strengthen U.S. economic prosperity, while also supporting stability which enhances our national security."

    "A key theme of this Budget request is the paramount importance of our participation in capital increases and replenishments and delivering on commitments to U.S. leadership in these institutions. The credibility of the United States as a global leader compels steadfast partners to meet our commitments. Doing otherwise could irreversibly erode our influence and ability to chart the course of these institutions and lead in implementing key reforms. Additionally, not participating in capital increases could result in diminishing U.S. shareholding and voting power—an outcome that could be exploited by China, among others, to grow their influence in these institutions and the regions in which they operate."