DFI Transparency Tool


    Tool Overview

    Publish What You Fund has developed the DFI Transparency Tool to improve the systematic and timely disclosure of relevant information by development finance institutions (DFIs). The tool is designed to meet two functions:

    • Provide detailed, granular guidance to DFIs on the information they should disclose.
    • Provide the framework for analysis by which Publish What You Fund will measure DFI transparency in an initial public pilot index in late 2022.

    This DFI Transparency Tool is the culmination of two years of in depth and collaborative research assessing the disclosure practices of the world’s leading multilateral and bilateral DFIs. Further details of our research findings and the rationale for the tool can be found in our Advancing DFI Transparency report. DFIs can improve their transparency by providing comparable, timely, and relevant information for use by a range of stakeholders in line with the specific information fields included in the tool.